Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Old Sound : Suicidal Tendencies’ How Will I Laugh Tomorrow When I Can’t Even Smile Today

Appart from being one of my favourite bands, Suicidal Tendencies named their album with the mood I’m feeling nowadays. Since I have a shitty job that makes me feel miserable I have to hold myself on things that makes me feel better. First there’s the upcoming season of Snowboarding, the coming of X-Mas, movies, and music. This morning I finished IsisWavering Radiant and I was shuffling into my music and I found this album that I consider a masterpiece amongst the Crossover bands of the 1980’s.
Crossover, is the definition of those bands that were influenced by old Punk bands whilst including metal elements to their song structures. Suicidal Tendencies were a band that influenced deeply American Thrash metalers. While maintaining their Punk attitude and including funk jams into the whole it created one of the most unique sounding band of this era. ST was the band you had to see live to fully understand the reach of their music. Their shows were considered as the most violent and brutal happenings out there. Some even advanced that they were close to criminal organizations. Anyway, it doesn’t matter the music and the colourful lyrics of juvenile while social criticism of an era where institutions and the X generation (also called the wasted generation) were brilliantly transposed by ST.
How Will I Laugh Tomorrow... is my favourite release and I think it is because this is the time where the band reached maturity while keeping the thrashy edge they always extolled. The production is clean and simple and holds the time very well. The heaviness is always dosed at the perfect amount without taking themselves too seriously either. You have a feeling of liberty in the music and in the lyrics that is uncommon to today’s standards. The Crossover approach isn’t something that the band wanted to achieve or do. It always has been the case of playing music they like and use their mic the express ideas and concepts. The standards of today are tough for young bands because when you record an album you are immediately categorized and labelled. So to touch different styles of music and dressing with the kind of clothes ST used to dress, well you have seen the jacket of the album, isn’t something a young band will be able to recreate.

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The Old Sound series will be a recurring feature where I will be presenting my favourite bands and one or many albums from their discography that I decide to priories.

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