Monday, March 20, 2017

2016 Fullbag - Diamond Blade Review

Brand: Fullbag

Model: Diamond Blade

Camber: Rocker/Camber/Rocker

Stance: Setback 2.5cm

Size: 163
Days: 1
Conditions: Hardpack
Boots: Vans Aura US 9.5
Bindings: Now IPO with Now O-Drive Highbacks and Burton Cartel Straps
Set Up: A little setback approx 20″ 21 front 3 back.

Approximate Weight: Felt light.

On Snow Feel: 8/10

Edge Hold: 10/10

Flex: Stiff

Turn Initiation: 8/10

Skidded Turns: 7/10

Carving: 10/10

Powder: N/A

Speed: 10/10

Uneven Terrain: 9/10

Switch: 5/10

Jibbing: N/A

Pipe: N/A

Jumps: N/A

Overall Impression

Designed as a full blown carving machine and almost a BX (boardercross) board, the Diamond Blade is like Hattori Hanzo’s blades : a weapon to scarf anything it touches. With that board you have perfect edge hold on whatever condition full control at thigh speed, and man that thing goes fast. It could be a great board for many uses but the only thing that stops it is the unique length of 163cm. For a 5’9’’ 165lbs rider spinning on flatground was almost not an option. Some riders could spin it with ease but it was the longest board I have ever ridden and it took me some time to get used to it. On snow, it handles like a shorter board surprisingly and happily because the hybrid camber and stiffness could be a challenge but not that much. It proves the great design in mind of its creator (Mig Fullbag).

So, if you are interested in this board they are doing lots of demo in the East Coast and I had a personal demo with their rider Louis Ricard that took an evening of his time let me ride this bomb of a board.

Score: 84%

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