Tuesday, March 21, 2017

2017 Never Summer - Twenty Five Review

Brand: Never Summer (made in Colorado, USA)

Model: 2017 Twenty Five

Camber: Ripsaw Rocker Camber

Stance: Setback 20mm

Size: 160
Days: 1
Conditions: Everything from perfect snow to pretty hard spring conditions to slush.
Boots: Vans Aura US 9.5
Bindings: Now IPO with O-Drive Highback and Burton Cartel Straps
Set Up: A little set back approx 19″ 21 front 9 back.

Approximate Weight: Felt normal. Nothing light or heavy but felt very well made.

On Snow Feel: 8/10

Edge Hold: 9/10

Flex: Medium/stiff.

Turn Initiation: 8/10

Skidded Turns: 9/10

Carving: 10/10

Powder: N/A

Speed: 9/10

Uneven Terrain: 9/10

Switch: 4/10

Jibbing: N/A

Pipe: N/A

Jumps: 6/10

Overall Impression

As my first try on a Never Summer board ever, I got the opportunity to take the Twenty Five out for a day at my local resort. I doubted that I would like the Rocker profile because I was not a big fan of it on some other boards I owned and tested prior to this.

However, NS made me question myself on my appreciation of the Hybrid Rocker concept. The Twenty Five responded to my obsession with turning and carving nice clean lines in hard to icy snow with no problem. The only thing I am sad about is that I didn't had to try it in fresh powder. With its carbon reinforced tail I'm sure I would have even love it a lot more.

It is a fun board not too hard to handle and the advanced to expert rider could have a good time buttering and carving. There is a lot of great tech in this and it is a board with lots, LOTS, of potential. The downside would be if you are a park rat other than jumps and directional pipe (which there was none at the resort I went) the freestyle possibilities are a bit restrained by the short tail and the directional shape.

Score: 80%

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