Tuesday, September 27, 2011

New Sound : The Naked And Famous’ Passive Me, Aggressive You

Even if this album isn’t as new as this chronicle is entitled, the music of The Naked And Famous has this fresh, breezy, and deep sound that reminded me of The XX, Metric, The Killers’ premier effort Hot Fuss, and the capable superb MGMT. This is Rock with an electronic touch, or indie pop electro, call it what you want but this band has a sound that stick in your ears and gets you into the mood to work or to ride. The Queboarder page of Facebook used Punching In A Dream to mix the footage of a demo of ULC in the new Skatepark of Quebec City: it fitted really well. I think this band is gonna be in my ears to get me pumped up to shred this winter. Their 80’s sound, well it’s been a while since this sound as been revived, however it is not too quirky nor too nostalgic; just well balanced and addictive.

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