Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Video Review: The Resistance

The Resistance (Mike McEntire, 2000)

Released the year after the acclaimed Technical Difficulties, The Resistance is the first Forum snowboards video of a great series that is still going on today with the recent release of Vacation. In 1998, Peter Line, one of the most influential freestyle snowboarder of all time recently started his own brand of Snowboards: Forum. He put together his dream team of progressive freestylers: JP Walker, Jeremy Jones, Devun Walsh, Joni Malmi, Bjorn Leines, Chris Dufficy, and Wille Yli-Luoma also known as the Forum 8. They were the stars of The Resistance, and needless to say that it was one of the most anticipated videos of its time. The combination of the Forum 8 and Mack Dawg productions was already a success with Technical Difficulties and Decade. But now, they were alone in this release and every rider had to put a strong and longer part to fill the thirty minutes or so of riding. It was also a hard task for the riders to assemble well balanced parts of freestyle snowboarding that doesn’t get too repetitive and that displayed a great range of tricks.
The greatest parts are from Jones, Walker and Line. Personally, I’ve never been a biggest fan of Joni Malmi’s style, his flow is different and I prefer the style of Devun Walsh for many reasons, we’ll get back to Walsh later. Yli-Luoma has a short but strong part in The Resistance while Bjorn Leines throws impressive airs and strong tricks. He flights like an alien and represents one of the most skilled riders of his time. Sadly, Chris Dufficy and Devun Walsh were injured during the season so their parts are shorter. Dufficy was probably one of the greatest spinners out there: he could throw a 900 like nobody with no difficulty. On the other side, Walsh has this smooth easy looking style. His part was shot in just six days! They could have doubled the length of his part and it would have been perfect. But a busted knew ended his season.
I don’t like when people describe a video part by part or trick by trick because this is the kind of media that you have to see to fully appreciate. However, The Resistance was the culmination of the Forum team and it probably never been as great as it was. It started the institution of the Team videos for Forum for our great pleasure! 

Running Time: 30 minutes
Riders: Peter Line, Devun Walsh, JP Walker, Bjorn Leines, Jeremy Jones, Joni Malmi, and friends.

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