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I finally decided to create a new Blog about Snowboarding. Mainly you will find reviews of Videos, links, and a place for discussions about Snowboarding. I started on my main Blog a series of review to Snowboarding videos. But since Le Mot du Cinephiliaque is dedicated to Cinema I thought it would be nice to have a niche for those Snowboarding related topics.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

New Sound : Opeth’s Heritage

The music of Opeth has evolved since day one. Heritage, their tenth opus, literally and figuratively translate the groovy-rock that Mikael Akerfeld, lead guitarist/singer, has been listening since four to five years. Prog Rock masters like Camel, Genesis and 1970’s-1980’s bands like Scorpions, Judas Priests, Alice Cooper and many more are the influences felt while listening to this album. Anyhow, Opeth manage to still hold its own edge without copying their heritage. Don’t look for growls here, there aren’t any. Just beautiful guitars, clean vocals, progressive rhythms, and a very organic natural feeling to top it all. Heritage is an album that will transcend time and it might be too early to say this but anyway I will, it is a masterpiece.

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