Wednesday, January 25, 2012

New Sound: Wolves In the Throne Room's Celestial Lineage

American Black Metal, don't dare to read if you are not a fan of Metal. Because Wolves In the Throne Room is this little band from Washington State that makes eco-friendly Black Metal inspired by Neurosis (not a black metal band at all). I discovered this album by the recommandation of fellow blogger Ed Howard at Only the Cinema's Top 50 albums of 2011. This duo of the brothers Weaver, Aaron and Nathan concludes a black metal trilogy of albums with Celestial Lineage. What's interesting in their music is the blend of post-rock repetitions and the use of synthtizers to paraphrase Howard. This is a dark album that investigate on the somber side of humans. It is well textured with great mastery of every element included. For some reason I think this is an album that characterizes lonliness and meditation. I like the Neurosis approach and the presence of Aaron Turner Isis vocalist on "Subterranean Initiation". Both bands aforementioned are far from crafting black metal but their uncompromised approaches to music is clearly an influence on Wolves In the Throne Room. Celestial Lineage is slowly taking place into my favourite albums of late 2011.

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