Wednesday, January 11, 2012

How to: Buy the Perfect Snowboard Boots

This is the following article to How to: Buy a Snowboard.

Of the holy trinity of Snowboarding that I before mentioned in my other article, the Boots are the most primordial place to put your money. First, it where your feet are and you should be comfy otherwise it is just painful to ride and to take the lift.

My own experience
Three years ago I bought a pair of used Vans size 9 (actually I'm a size 10) that I thought would be fine to finish the season and maybe begin the next one. What happened is that I took the cheapest pair available and I almost hurt my feet. They were too tight and since they were already worn out they were soft and I had to buy myself a pair of Burton Moto size 10. It is the best pair of boots I ever owned. Compared to my Airwalk, Vans, and Northwave that I had before those Burton boots are worth every hard eraned penny! Why? Because I made the right choice! This is the purpose of this article to help you choose the right boot for your feet. I don't think that there is a perfect boot that fits for everyone.

Price: get what you needThis feature has two face: you don't need to buy the highest priced boots in the store to get the most comfy but, there's always a but, sometimes a Firefly boot won't give you the response or the tweak a Forum or a DC will give you. So don't just spot the highest priced boots or the lowest. Advice: it is important that this part of your equipment fits you perfectly so don't buy just to buy, take what you need and what fits you best.

There are many theories on how you should fit into your boots. For example, when standing up your toes should completely touch the front part of the boot or bend your knees and you should touch the end of the boot. etc.
Some parts of those theories are true, however, I think that the position you take when you are riding: your knees are bend and your weight in the middle of the board should be the position you must be when trying a 
Burton Fast lacing
pair of boots. How your toes should be in the boots? You should be comfy, not too tight because your feet will freeze or it will stop the blood flow in your feet which you really don't want. The rigidity of the boot depends on your style of the boot. Harder boots are better for Pipe, speed, powder. And softer boots are better to do rails, park, and jibs.


Thirty Two BOA
Boa, Burton fast lacing, traditional laces, etc. this is another this is your call. Take the system you think that fits you the best. Normally, you will lace your boots once before riding and maybe once or twice a day, so for me the Burton fast lacing was the perfect fit but I know people who are sold to BOA systems that you can find on Thirty Two boots. The traditional lacing will always be there too and it is pretty efficient. It lets you tighten the boots just like you want while being like a shoe.
Final advice: try boots and if you need try the entire store's inventory but you should find your pair of boots amongst the variety and the quality of great products out there.

Any questions? Write them in the comments section and I'll be happy to help!

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