Monday, January 9, 2012

Video Review: Shoot the Moon

Shoot the Moon (Videograss, 2011)

The new Videograss release Shoot the Moon, is in some way similar to Capita's Defenders of Awesome; it is mainly centered on urban terrain, rails, ledges, and a skateboarding video approach. But, compared to Defenders of Awesome, Shoot the Moon has a variety of spots and different rails and ledges. Even if it is a small budgeted feature we feel that there is actually an effort in the substance and the variety of tricks. The gaps and obstacles are well exploited and it succeeds without being redundant.

My critic will be at the point where there are too much urban terrain and not enough natural and/or kickers. Riders like Jordan Mendenhall are talented and could easily have had stronger and better parts if the producers let them ride more different kinds of terrains. However, Shoot the Moon probably reprensents an good hybrid of street riding with the real sense of snowboarding. It has something undescribable that reflects the spirit of snowboarding. It might be the fun that the riders seems to have while shooting their parts or their immense talent but I really enjoyed  this video more than I actually thought I would have.

Plus: Just for Louif Paradis' part this is a must see.

Running Time: Approx. 40 mins.
Riders: Chris Grenier, Darrell Mathes, Gus Engle, Jake Olson-Elm, Jed Anderson, Johnny Miller, Jon Kooley, Jonas Michilot, Jordan Mendenhall, Justin Bennee, Louif Paradis, Mikey Leblanc, Nick Dirks, Nima Jalali, Will Tuddenham and Zac Marben.

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